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New Millennium Cannabis

Collectible Art

Corvallis, OR

Call Now: (541) 357-4211

Given that in Oregon we live in a part of the world where marijuana is legal and has an artistic tradition of high-end glassblowing, it may not be a shock to discover that yesterday's illegal drug paraphernalia is morphing into todays valuable, collectible art. Here at New Millennium Cannabis we sell a wide variety of cannabis strains, some grown locally and not available anywhere else. We have a long record of supporting and promoting the many talented glass artists in Eugene and surrounding areas and many original pieces can be found in our store.

In recent years there has been glass bong art that has sold for tens of thousands of dollars and some as high as six figures. As pot becomes more widely legal and the stigma surrounding it gradually ebbs away glassworks have the potential to continue appreciate in value. New Millennium prides itself on having great in house cannabis as well as featuring artists and their collections. Stop in today to see our latest collections and flower.

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